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High purity graphite and metals for South Korea's battery industry





"High-purity graphite and other metals for South Korea's battery industry"


Battery Manufacture - End Product From Peninsula Mines Graphite

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  • Global leader in High-Tech Manufacturing:

    South Korea: stable first world economy with excellent infrastructure and FI incentives,

    Major end user of high-tech commodities - Graphite, Lithium, Zinc, Copper,

    Leading manufacturer of Li-Ion (Graphite) batteries and key player in renewable energy,

    Historically major graphite and other metals e.g. zinc producer with no modern exploration.

  • Under-explored Flake-Graphite deposits as well as Lithium and Zinc-Lead-Copper potential linked with a positive commodity price outlook and strong in-country off-take demand.

  • Opportunity to drill and develop high-grade graphite discoveries at surface and extensions defined by already identified strong EM anomalies in four key project areas.

  • Highly-anomalous Lithium-pegmatite, potential for development to supply Li-Ion battery industry and compliment graphite focus.

  • Proven metallurgical testing on four key projects has produced >95% graphite concentrate, and testing underway for spherical graphite suitability for Li-Ion (Graphite ) battery production.

  • Supply agreement with large-flake graphite developer/producer in Madagascar, an established high-quality graphite production area.

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key Korean end-users of Flake-Graphite products and other high-tech minerals such as zinc and copper.

  • Drilling, testing high-grade Zinc-Lead-Copper Targets in under-explored porphyry-skarn system with high-grade intersections to follow up.